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Mafia : The City Of Lost Heaven - Mediafire

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven | Genre: Third-person shooter | {1.2GB}

Mafia's storyline gameplay consists of driving, mainly easy city cruise between different locations, as well as chases and races; the rest of the game is based on third-person on-foot navigation and shooting - all inter-connected with cutscenes. In addition to the photo-realistic city and a huge countryside, detailed interiors like the city's airport, a museum, a church, a hotel, an abandoned prison, restaurants and Don Salieri's bar are included. Weather changes and day/night cycles are also in use.

The game begins with the protagonist Tommy Angelo, exiting a train and entering a diner. He sits down with a police detective and agrees to trade information about his mafioso past in exchange for his family's safety. The player then takes the role of Tommy, who, while trying to make a living on the streets of Lost Heaven as a taxi driver, unwittingly becomes involved in a car chase between Salieri and Morello mobsters. Two of the Saileri mobsters, Paulie and Sam, force Tommy to drive them to safety, which he does; Sam then gives Tommy an envelope full of money to compensate for the damage to his taxi. The next day, Tommy is attacked by Morello mobsters while taking his break, so he flees to Salieri's Bar and his attackers are then killed by Salieri's men. Tommy then becomes a driver for the Salieri Crime Family, led by Don Ennio Salieri. Through the events of the game's story, Tommy begins to rise through the ranks of the Salieri Family, which is currently battling the Morello Family, led by the sharply-dressed Don Morello.

Mafia's realistic car physics and police behavior both add to the occasional tedium of the straightforward driving segments. For the most part, the game's 60 or so 1930s-era vehicles aren't rocket cars. They don't often go very fast, they don't always start the first time you turn the key, and they have some serious problems climbing steep hills. You won't be making 300-foot barrel-roll jumps in any of them. Furthermore, the Lost Heaven PD will see to it that you don't even drive as fast as the cars will go. They'll pull you over for driving over 40 and running red lights, among other things. Even if you're in a really cool-looking old-time car, a simulation of driving the speed limit isn't exactly a recipe for thrills

The graphics are generally top-notch. The cars look fabulous, and they're especially notable for the way they authentically re-create the curviness of the era's vehicle design. The texture work in the city segments is occasionally a little muddy, though, and there's some pop-up on the horizon that's especially evident when you're going over bridges. The action levels, on the other hand, contain some really beautiful lighting and texture work, and the game's cutscenes feature some of the most detailed and expressive face models ever created for a computer game. The sound is equally excellent. The period soundtrack, composed mostly of cuts by swingy jazz legend Django Reinhardt, with extra tracks by artists such as Louis Prima and the Mills Brothers, matches the game's theme perfectly and also acts as a brilliant alternative to the generic techno and orchestral music used in most games.

Minimum System Requirements:-

System: PIII 500 or equivalent
RAM: 96 MB
Video Memory: 32 MB
Hard Drive Space: 1800 MB

Recommended System Requirements:-

System: PIII 700 or equivalent
RAM: 128 MB
Video memory: 64 MB
Hard Drive Space: 1800 MB

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