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Freedom Fighters ( RIP) - Mediafire

 Freedom Fighters | PC Game | Genre: Action, Sc-Fi Shooter | {179MB}

In Freedom Fighters, the Cold War never really happens. The USSR drops the first A-bomb to end WWII and basically runs things around the globe, culminating with a semi-covert invasion of the modern-day United States. We pick up the story of Christopher Stone, a mild-mannered plumber, on his way to fix a leaky pipe or two in Manhattan. Things take a turn for the worse when the lady with the leaky pipes turns out to be an outspoken anti-communist leader and you're knee-deep in the middle of the US-USSR conflict.

The game does a marvelous job of maintaining the illusion of a Soviet-run New York City. The barricades on city streets, the pro-Soviet posters in the environment and the well-done newscasts full of propaganda are all top-notch and every cutscene just reinforces the idea. The concept may have borrowed heavily from the film "Red Dawn" but the Russian invasion in Freedom Fighters is at least as believable as Patrick Swayze with a machine gun.

It's the command and control system for your AI squadmates that gives FF it's distinctive feel. Stone has to build up his charisma by accomplishing missions, rescuing innocents and healing fellow soldiers in the field. Each time his charisma fills up, he'll be able to approach and recruit other freedom fighters in the game world and add them to his team that follows him around. The game starts you off with a couple just to let you get the feel of it all, but soon you're managing up to 12 soldiers. For this reason you only have three basic commands: move, attack and defend. Tapping a number key tells one of your mates to perform one of those actions in the general direction that your main character is looking. Pressing and holding that key will send all of your teammates in that direction to perform that action. You get another layer of control by zooming in on a location and telling your teammates exactly where you want them to attack, move or defend.

The environments of Freedom Fighters are intricate and extremely detailed and thankfully, the squadmate AI is outstanding so you hardly ever them bashing their heads into walls, jogging into obstacles or getting stuck doing something dumb. They'll move intelligently and attack any enemies they see when they're on the move or when they're standing still. The difference between the different commands then becomes more tactical. Telling them to defend an area will compel them to look for the best available cover while "attack" makes them more aggressive and willing to look for trouble with enemies. You actually end up managing this aggressiveness more than anything, because the AI fighters can be quite independent. They'll run headfirst into a hornet's nest of enemies without thinking if you're not keeping track of your squad. It ends up feeling authentic because we could imagine a battlefield commander telling his troops what he wants them to do, but being unable to actually think and act for them. In this case, your soldiers have unlimited ammo, different weapons, and they can be resurrected as long as you have a spare health pack to use on them. Keeping things simple like this is a true advantage.

  • Minimum System Requirements
      -System: PIII 733 or equivalent -RAM:128 MB RAM -CD-ROM: 4X CD-ROM -Video Memory: 32 MB VRAM -Hard Drive Space: 650 MB -DirectX: DirectX v8.1

  • Multiplayer Support
      -Multiplayer supported on: None -Number of players: 1
      Pass : raja
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