Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our New Adventure - The Decison Is Made

We've decided no matter the outcome of the work permit renewal we are headed back to our land of birth. So, somewhere between November and January we will be headed back to The United States of America...where we will, along with our British boyfriend James, take a stop for a week, to a couple of months, and live with The Mother (we'll see how long that lasts before we go bat shit crazy).

Following that we will be working on a way to work and travel around the United States, we hope to start out around April 2012. James has never been to the United States, so we figure it will be a good geography lesson for when he has to pass his citizenship test. Does anyone know what's on that thing anway? Probably a lot of stuff an average American can't even answer, we're guessing.
Hopefully we will be spending no more than a couple of weeks to a month in any single big city. So far the list includes stops in Illinois, Ohio, New York, Florida, Kansas, Arizona, California, Oregon and Minnesota.

On our tour of the United States James and us would like to stop and see some of the Tweeple who we have come to regard as mutual friends...some of you know who you are. We also plan to "hop the fence" and see some our Canadian Tweeple who live along the borderline.

In the process James and us will get a good idea of where we might want to move to in the end, what city we feel most suits us, where we can stay and...who knows what. Build a future together.

We definitely will be blog about it...just as we do everything else.

We've decided we are tired of the struggle we've had and the money we've spent trying to stay in a country that seems, now, hell bent on making it difficult for us to stay, over and over, even after we've put in blood, sweat and tears...not to mention love.

It's given us some calm, peace of mind...or maybe we've just lost our last marble. 

Granted not every one of us is thrilled, some are nervous about living with The Mother and The Stepfather, and they will be the catalyst in a speedy departure, to be sure.

We're excited, we're nervous, we're apprehensive...but feeling oddly optoimistic to be moving "home".

We have some loose ends to tie up where we are now, and we'd like to be able to stay here, as a visitor, once our work permit expires (October 6th)....we'd like to stay here until January.

This is the most spontaneously non spontaneous we have ever been. We're not good with making plans...but I feel like that with James...anything is possible.

Hopefully we will figure out how to make that happen, the move, the trip...without too much stress. The Father is coming with a trailer whenever we are ready to help us move, which will make it much easier.

In the meantime, we'll be finishing out our work permit at our current job, putting a house up for sale that we own, and working on some of our paintings, continuing to write and hopefully finishing up the last few years of the story of our lives so we can move onto the future, and trying to be positive about the whole thing...taking two cats, the man we love, and the whole of us...embarking on a new adventure, to a new life. 

~Frank et al

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