Monday, September 5, 2011

Sad Clown Society - A Painting

Despite the three paintings in ladies, only more patient....this weekend we started another.

We managed to complete it, while the other three paintings looked on miserably, each 75% done.

We don't know how to describe our painting style, it depends on who starts them, who finishes them...and who has any influence at all over them; most of them end up looking like someone else painted them (in some peoples opinion).

This one was started by the major influence of Brooke...without getting into too much about her, for reasons only we and James really understand, we hope that if we sell any paintings one day, this is the first to go. While he, and we, enjoy/like it; Brooke is not a nice person, and has been very unkind to James...and was so the night we started this painting.

We paint as therapy, the stuff in our head that can't be put in words get set to canvas.

While it was started by Brooke, the clown in the painting was inspired by a character in a story written by and dedicated to us by our dear friend @JimRitchie called The Pomegranate Prince.

This is our fifth painting this year. We plan to complete at least two more (two in waiting) by the end of the year. Here are links to some of the other pairings on this blog.

Sad Clown Society
20 x 35
Acrylic on Canvas

Close ups (clickable to be seen bigger):

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