Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thrifty wedding tips

Despite my wedding taking place over two years ago, I still have a bit of an obsession with wedding blogs (thankfully one of my closest friends is planning her big day which gives me the perfect excuse to "help" her, by scouring my favorite sites). Just this week I've been coveting this dreamy  Maryland wedding (they invited a donut truck and a bulldog in a bow tie...whats not to love?) and - hello! - how adorable is this glam-meets-geek library inspired shoot?

So when the lovely Jana at Low Key Bride asked if she could interview me about my day I got a bit carried away with tips.

From how to spend less than $300 on your wedding flowers (but look like you spent $1000)
to why you have to have a bake off
and why planks on tables is a genius idea
as well as the reason your local farmer may be the key to fabulous rustic seating for your guests
 O and get a pintrest account: essential for creating order out of all your fabulous ideas!

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