Tuesday, August 30, 2011

top ten pictures from the week ~ 31 august 11

Hey, it's spring tomorrow...in my hemisphere anyway. That's good isn't it?
I know that not all the images  I choose each week will be everyone's cuppa...americans, that's short for cup of tea...one of your countrymen asked me what it meant once :)
naturally there'll be some you like more than others, and some you might even turn your nose up at, and that's ok too
do you want to know why I choose what I do?
It's really incredibly simple. I heard that muffled "possibly a bit like you" comment, don't think I didn't :)
I only choose rooms  that I would want to spend more than two minutes in (although occasionally there'll be a flower picture or two if one strikes me as being very beautiful)
or something completely random...
Just say that if the rooms I show you here were in a display home or a house for sale for instance
people would be trying to kick me out when the open inspection was over because I'd want to linger, longer...
or if it was your house and I was visiting you'd be looking at your watch and thinking to yourself 'when is she going to go home!'
And I'd be ignoring you because I wanted to stay in your lovely room. So if any of these are yours you'd better not invite me over.
...and sometimes I just choose the same type of pictures without even knowing it, like the time they were all dining rooms. Who knew! Someone did; they told me. I liked that :)
images in order seen on a perfect gray; econest; design is mine; little french nest; brabourne farm; beautifulism; from the right bank; design chic; fryd + design; the new victorian ruralist

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