Friday, June 3, 2011

Tiny terrior reunited with owner after being blown away in storm

A relieved dog lover has been reunited with her pet after he was blown away. Tommy the fox terrier was out walking with mistress Ada Irvin in last Monday's freak storms when a powerful gust carried him off. But he's now recovering from his ordeal at home after a big-hearted driving instructor spotted him wandering about lost a few miles away. "I'm just so over the moon to have Tommy back," said Ada, 48, who works in a crematorium for pets. "It was bizarre the way he disappeared."

Ada had taken Tommy for a morning walk at Baron's Haugh bird sanctuary in their home town of Motherwell, Lanarkshire. Ada said: "It was a really wild day. Tommy was blown about a bit a couple of times. He stopped near a tree for the toilet when it had calmed down a bit. I turned away for seconds and when I looked back he was gone.

"He'd been swept away by the storm. I was frantic. I feared he'd been blown into the river." Ada took the day off work to look for Tommy, helped by her family. They put up posters but there was no sign of him. But a week after Tommy's disappearance, Ada got a call from driving instructor Kenny McIlvaney, who'd spotted Tommy in Hamilton and taken him in. Kenny said: "I knew he wasn't a stray, so I went over and found a phone number in his collar.

"I have a dog myself so I couldn't just leave him. It was no problem for me to drop him off at home. I'm just glad I could help out." Ada said: "Tommy had gone miles and crossed the motorway. He was skinny, hungry and dirty but he seems to be OK. I'm so lucky he's still with us - and so is he."

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