Monday, June 6, 2011

More of Moro for Ebury

The Bookseller - 06.06.11 | Charlotte Williams

Ebury managing director Fiona MacIntyre described the coincidence of Moro’s 10th anniversary and Ebury’s 50th as a “nice double-whammy for us”. She said the Moro books represent “a very different approach to cooking . . . They have a distinct taste”.

On developing the new looks, MacIntyre said their authors Samuel and Samantha Clark—who together founded the Moro restaurant in London, specialising in recipes from Spain, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean—were very involved in the books, and realised it was “quite an opportunity to be able to paperback all of their books”. Moro: The Cookbook is the only one of the trio to have already been a paperback.

The cover designs, which were created out-of-house by Caz Hildebrand, creative partner at the Here agency, were inspired by old, turn-of-the-twentieth century cigarette packaging. Hildebrand said: “I wanted something that would allow the books to have their individuality as well as their family likeness.”
MacIntyre added: “I would not be surprised if people who already have the cookbooks buy them all again . . . They are very stylish—they will reach a new and younger audience now as well. They will be a real presence front of store.”
MacIntyre stressed that the books’ launch will be accompanied by a “strong publicity and marketing campaign”. She added: “Clearly we will be approaching food bloggers. The thing I’ve noticed about the foodie community [is that] they are passionate. They share tips and recipes. It’s a great constituency to be talking to.”

MacIntyre claimed: “We are doing more and more colour e-books, and they are becoming more sophisticated, so they will eventually go into e-books as well.”
Among MacIntyre’s favourite recipes from the books is pilau with saffron and an aubergine dish with garlic and chilli; she claims to “walk the walk” when it comes to books she publishes.
The paperbacks will all be published on 4th August, priced £17.50.

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