Monday, June 6, 2011

Couple killed crossing road after visiting all 50 US states

A retirement dream ended in tragedy for a Manchester, Conn. couple travelling through Ohio. Friends of Keith Rodgers, 73, and his wife, Doreen, 71, said the couple had just finished the last leg of a tour that took them to all 50 states.

Keith and Doreen had pulled over on Saturday evening at a Quality Inn not far from Warren. Sgt. Randy Skaggs from of the Ohio Highway Patrol said the couple were heading to dinner at the Denny's located across the street from their hotel when they were hit by a minivan. A crash scene diagram indicated their bodies were thrown several hundred feet.

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Keith Rodgers died at the scene. His wife died a short time later at St. Elizabeth's Health Center. "At this point in time it looks like they entered the path of the vehicle," said Sgt. Skaggs. He said the couple crossed five lanes of traffic in an area not marked for pedestrians.

The patrol is still trying to determine if Sandra L. Scott, 64, from Vienna who was driving the minivan was somehow at fault. Sgt. Skaggs said the Rodgers' bodies had been returned to their home in Connecticut, their retirement dream now a nightmare for their families to endure.

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