Monday, June 13, 2011

Australian football fan celebrates his team's victory

A Geelong Cat's supporter enjoyed himself when the final siren went after Saturday night's win over the Hawthorn Hawks.

After removing his Cats shirt and waving it around his head, the unknown fan spent the first rendition of the Geelong theme song removing his shoes, socks and eventually pants before breaking into his patented celebration dance, clad only in his Geelong-blue underpants, without a care in the world.

YouTube link.

Although he was surrounded by families with young children, not a soul seemed offended by the impassioned display, including passing Hawthorn supporters who managed to crack a smile after another heartbreaking loss.

A team of six mystified security guards arrived at the scene as the dance continued well into the third playing of the theme song, though none seemed prepared to venture too close to the fan as he was left to continue his routine and down his final beer.

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