Friday, January 28, 2011

Some hae meat and canna eat

I've been neglecting my Giraffes this week somewhat - blame it on the Bard!  But decided to do steak as a treat for a "Friday Night In" so bring on the Teriyaki Beef Rib Steak with Asparagus and Green Onions - Page 100.  I even managed to take the steaks out of the freezer in plenty time so they could defrost and then marinate overnight - I think I deserve a big pat on the back for that!  Talking of steaks I get mine from Donald Russell  I now wouldn't go anywhere else - their meat in general, but steaks especially are to die for and they offer your money back if you've ever tasted better  how's that for a guarantee?!

So my lovely sirloin steaks marinated overnight in the Teriyaki sauce, ginger and garlic.  I'll share a secret with you regarding those two ingreedients - I use Dorot Frozen Herb Cubes  They are so handy - none of this battling with a knarly chunk of ginger and a grater.  I've got the chilli and the corriander ones in my freezer too but they do a whole range.  I get them at Sainsburys which seems to be their only UK stockist.

Now I like my steak rare so I just gave it 2 minutes on each side and then rested it.  You can give it longer if you are not so keen on the possibility of it getting up and running off your plate.  It was absolutely divine - the marinade really worked well.  Some folk might get caught out as the soy sauce and wasabi required for serving aren't listed in the ingreedients but luckily its something I had in my storecupboard anyway.

Not so sure on the asparagus and green onions.  They were a bit limp for my liking.  Method says to blanch and then refresh - perhaps I did this wrongly but they went soggy on me.  Next time I wouldn't bother and would just chuck them on the griddle pan from fresh.  Will definately be making this one again - we hae meat and we can eat, sae let the Lord be thankit!

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