Saturday, August 6, 2011

Terrorist Takedown 2 (Re-Pack) - Mediafire

War with the terrorism goes on. A quantity of acts of violence grows. Stolen increasingly more. In spite of the preliminary statements, the government begins negotiations on business of the release of hostages. At the same time there leaves the special-force of sea it is sealskin "champion", in that case, if negotiations it is tightened... Terrorist Takedown 2 is built on the cursor Jupiter EX, which was earlier used also in the the known F.E.A.R." title testifies about the new quality in a series. Be immersed into the contemporary medium of game with realistic physics and excellent visual effects: by the shots, which tear off plastering from the walls, by the clouds of the raised dust, by sparks from the weapon, with the dropping off pieces of concrete, and also by the accurately transmitted unevennesses on the flat surfaces. Srazis' with extremely dangerous and prepared for entire enemies. Acting in the groups, they can visit from behind you, surround, cause help, steal up, cover themselves or, when for example they be injured, they can leave the field of battle or search for shelters after the nearest obstacles. Different psychological standardization, depending on individuality and situation in the field of fight, each of them behaves otherwise, for example less or it is more aggressive Add. the information: • the gripping and stressed plot, based at the urgent events in the peace • different scene of actions: desert, mountain, and also Arab cities and markets • excellent AI of enemies, and also excellent physics of game, based on cursor Havok • dynamic illumination and the gripping special effects on the cursor Jupiter YEKH • Multiplayer: opposition between the special-forces of the different countries!

Developer: CITY Interactive
The publisher: CITY Interactive
Yr of the release: 2007
genre: Action (Shooter)
language of the interface: English + Russian

Minimum System Requirements for Terrorist Takedown 2 (PC Game)
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
DirectX 9.0
Processor 1.7 GHZ
512 MB RAM

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