Saturday, August 27, 2011

Poupee de cire, poupee de son.

Today's my last night at home and I just wanna show you a few pictures about this week.

It's been a hard week, as I had to look after my grandfather and helped my mother, but I've been with my family and friends, and that's what I wanted, right? So this past two weeks weren't a holiday but it's ok...

Micky was here from Sunday to Wednesday morning; on Sunday we went with my mother and Rafa, her boyfriend, to a new restaurant around here in wich they distill their own beer... it's a cool place and the food was delicious! It's called Kettal and it's near Algeciras, around the industrial park.

I was wearing a lovely dress with bunnies printed on it, from Pull & Bear... the point is that it only costed me 3€ 'cause it had a little hole... a bargain! The socks are from Topshop and the shoes are offbrand.

On Wednesday I met Angie and helped her to buy some clothes; it was really funny as I love to do personal shopping for my friends! She made me this pictures, as she loved the way I was dressed.

The top and the skirt are from Bershka, the socks from H&M and the shoes offbrand... yes, they're the same as the black ones but in white! The bag is from Claire's.

And finally on Thursday I went to the hairdressing, so I can say I'm a proper redhead again!

I'm a little bit sad about leaving, but I'm sure that lots of new things are gonna happen at Barcelona... just wait for it! :)!

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