Sunday, August 14, 2011


On last saturday, I have this dizzy and light-headed feeling that lasted until Sunday. Mr Hubby suggested maybe because I slept too much (normally I do not sleep during day time because it would cause me headache) due to lack of sleep (lack?? hehe.. it's more to pushing my self to sleep later than I usually does). But I just don't feel good.

So after 2hours of breaking fast on Staturday, which we have singgang daging, sambal belacan with ulam kacang botol and fried chicken, with homemade soy beans drink, as our menu, I did some blood test. The result is quite shocking because it reads 8.5 while my husband only 6.1 (and we have the same thing, with the same amount)...

This really gets me worry. You know, I really afraid if I had diabetes. It one of the disease I was really afraid of. So for now on, back to watching whatever I ate. Especially white rice. I know its not THAT BAD, but I just have to take precaution as I don't want it to be worst.

Really hope I could control this. :(

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