Sunday, August 14, 2011

Can the Impossible be Made Possible? (Can A blind Man ride a bike?)

Have you ever tried going true your day to day activities with your eyes closed?  I have and it was almost Impossible, without tripping, falling or breaking something. =P

 And being a lover to riding motorcycles, its a total NO-NO to ride without proper vision.... till I discovered this man by the name Bobby McMullen. Bobby is a passionate extreme sport competitor who loves riding mountain bikes. But what makes him so special is that his legally blind....

Bobby McMullen has survived diabetes, loss of his vision, kidney failure, years of dialysis and two kidney/pancreas transplants. He has broken so many bones than he can't keep count. In spite of challenges that would take most people out, He lives life to the MAX.

He is the real life definition to my understanding of,
Impossible = Is Made POSSIBLE =)

Stay focus and keep on Smiling =) for your have what it takes to make dreams turn into reality.
SO Keep on moving forward.

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