Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Webby's BACK!!!

Wow,  Its been some many months since my last update in this blog.
SO many things happen along the way, life have been hitting hard. But even so, I choice to see it as a test to prove that I'm really Up for what I believe in.

 Success is protected behind a great big WALL, why you ask?
The wall is not to stop us from getting in.. but to protect us from success.
What i mean is, Success is a very powerful entity, and Many has fallen when acquiring success without much resistance.. for example, A person who won the lottery, or the child with a golden spoon.

 They got what wanted easy, and most of the time, its also lost that easily too. Compared to those who fought hard to get to where they want to in life. They gain valuable experience and the will-power to fight on, (Building muscle) to handle Success.

 Many stories we hear of success and how great it is... But sadly we don't hear much about the curse or Success. The Fact that One Must be Strong enough to handle Success and use it for the benefits of MANKIND. and for those who are not prepared, but gain Success.... crumble and fall to its awesome power.. hence learning to fear success...

what Am I saying? Are we to Fear Success??
  We are all Success-full in our own right, thats why we are able to be born. What i am saying is, we need to build our Muscles, of life (experience and will power) to be able to get pass the WALL and claim OUT SUCCESS towards LIFE.

Watch this Video to understand more.

Thanks for reading, and stay focus with a great BIG Smile =)


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