Saturday, July 2, 2011

MovieDay: Transformers: Dark of the Moon (3D)

Today, finally, the most awaited movie of the year (beside the final chapter of Harry Potter coming out soon), is HERE!! We are so excited about this movie...Why not, nobody does it like hollywood and Transformers is consider one of the masterpiece, with the details and advance CGI technology and all.

My personal opinion on this movie.. LOVE IT.. LOVE IT.. LOVE IT!!!

Although it doesn't have the best fight scenes compared to previous episode, but the storyline is totally THERE. The conspiracy, conflic, humor, hot babes (better than megan fox, IMAO :p), super SEXY cars...

The 3D, at the beginning, not much.. and seriously, I hate the 3D SUBTITLE SO MUCH!!! I prefer watching a 3D movie without the annoying and disturbing appearance of subtitle, when the 3D not as popular as it is nowadays. However, near ending, when they were fighting in Ground Zero Chicago to destroy the main pillar, the 3D was awesome. Must see scene for me is when the Decepticon tore down the Trump Tower. I really like that scene.. and when they do the rescue thingy.

Don't worry, no spoiler. I don't like giving spoiler or synopsis in my blog... just to say that I enjoy the movie (but not the guy behind me who keep on kicking my chair because he is so BIG and FAT!!!) Poor guy, must be really uncomfortable sitting in that tiny space of his...

Conclusion, not the best Transformer movie but still a must see at the cinema. Come on guys, after all we are talking about transformer here, there's no way watching it in the DVD would be better.. unless you have a huge screen and super cool sound system...

I gave 4 big shining stars for this :)

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