Monday, July 25, 2011

Info About Bali Cooking School

Bali Cooking School. When you visit Bali as one of your travel destination, there are a lot of things to do in Bali. Bali is famous with its arts, cultures, beaches, accomodations, tourist attractions and many more... You can explore the island doing a tour of Bali, having a great activities on the beach and learn Balinese culinary in the Bali cooking school.

Culinary Classes in Bali
Discover the exotic ingredients and unique culinary heritage of Bali. Bali cooking is a creative process that is simple and a lot of fun.  At the Bali cooking school, you will learn the techniques and become familiar with the fresh herbs, spices, and other ingredients that make Balinese food delightfully tasty.

Bali cooking school aren’t rare. From the five-star Four Seasons, in Jimbaran Bay to the humble but utterly lovely Taman Rahasia guesthouse in Ubud, the island’s hotels are spilling over with the things. One of the famous school for cooking in Bali is Bumbu Bali, in Tanjung Benoa. Run by Heinz von Holzen, one-time executive chef at the Grand Hyatt in nearby Nusa Dua and author of several definitive tomes on Balinese cuisine, the school for cooking takes place in what is widely regarded as the best Balinese restaurant on the island.

Here are some recommended  Bali Cooking School :
-          Four Season Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay
-          Casa Luna at Ubud
-          Bumbu Bali at Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua
-          Taman Rahasia Cooking School at Ubud
-          Anika Guesthouse at Kuta

Hotel and resorts in Bali which are provide a Bali cooking school usually welcome non-hotel guest to attend the school for cooking in their facilities with advance reservation. The cost to participate at the cooking schools in variatif. Its depend on the type of class you pick and of course the reputation of the Bali cooking school company you choose.

Complete your unforgettable Bali experience with the discovery of traditional Balinese culinary secrets at the school for cooking. Have a great fun holiday in Bali !
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