Sunday, July 24, 2011

I felt like Dorothy coming back to Oz (The Brandery & Fitting Room Bcn)

My second day at The Brandery was full of good things. First of all, I met some great people at Bcn Fitting Room, like Lucía Zapata, the great photographer who took that first picture above! And I'm also featured on her blog, Unique People! Have a look at it 'cause I really find it so interesting!
I met Rosanna from Moda a mi modo; María Galán from Miss Patty, Irma from Chocolate & Weddings or Arantxa from Aires Nuevos and BCN Fashion Meeting.

But let's start by the beginning... I arrived early to The Brandery BCN and had a look to the lovely collection of Poupée Chic, full of colors and lovely things... you see, it's totally my kind of clothes! Charo, one of the designers, explained me that all the prints are handmade and they try to create a unique and funny fashion for daily use. I think I would use every single piece of their collection!

After this, I went to Mürfila's benefit concert, organized by YO Donna... here you can see some pictures, it was really goo and Mürfila is very friendly, I must say!

And then, I went to Fitting Room Barcelona, in wich a discovered one of the most lovely brands I've ever seen: Azpeleta&Martínez. I met Susana in their room, a gorgeous woman with an exquisite fashion taste, I must say. And they had lots of lovely heart-coockies and a cake, yummy!

And after Fitting Room... I had the pleasure of seeing (again) Nouvelle Vague on concert! I really love this band, and their lives are always funny and full of great music. Here you can see some pictures I took at the concert and a few more of that day.

And my look of that day!

Dress - Blanco
Tights - H&M
Shoes - Bimba&Lola
Ribbon - A present from Cuba


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