Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good Night Sleep???

We have finally managed to install aircond in our room (finally, after much procrastinating .. hehe)

Well, it surely make me have a better sleeping quality and I can get to sleep more easily this day, 10pm already feel so sleepy and already went to bed. The thing is now, I always wake up around 3-3.30am. And it feels so fresh like I already have all the sleep I needed. but of course, it is really early, and I need to force myself back to sleep to wake up at 6.00am.

At 6.00am when the alarm rung, I felt so lazy to get up and just want to sleep a bit more. I feel tired like I did not have enough sleep. So... should I immediately wake up at 3am, instead of go back to sleep and try to wake up at 6am... gosh, my body clock is all messed up :p

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