Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Capes & other speedy style fixes

I was v. v. excited to see that my £99 Black Zara cape had got me street papped by style blog (for other cute capes click here). Although I look mildly dishevelled (if only I'd known they were there I would have straightened myself out a bit!) It got me thinking about the transformative powers of the trusty cape. Even when you feel woefully unstylish. You swing one round your shoulders and suddenly it seems to pull a look together. My other transformers have to be

Tomato Red Nails...


PS. When doing DIY nails at home I always remember a top tip told to me by manicurist Marian Newman. She said to always leave a slight gap between the polish and your cuticle, that way you'll get straight, tidy edges. The result: nails which look like you paid for them. And color-wise? Revlon Red (the shade which supposedly inspired Louboutin's red soles) is my tried and tested favorite. 

A boyish blazer...

Something stripy...

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