Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tennessee Vacation Pt.1

A week ago today, David and I headed down to Tennessee to visit some dear friends of ours, Sarah and Mike. Sarah blogs over at Sarah's  Heart's Home as well! We hadn't seen each since Christmas time, so everyone was very excited to spend a few days together!

We arrived on Sunday afternoon and started vacation off with Sarah and I leaving the guys with the children and going on a 2 hour shopping trip! :) We found out when we got back that the guys and kids ended up having a water balloon fight and David, of course, was targeted the pretty soaked! Wish I could have seen it, haha! It sounded like everyone had a good time. Of course, the guys were pretty anxious for us for return after about 1 hour, lol!

On Monday, Grandma came over to watch the kids while the adults when on a train ride and white water rafting! I must say, I was pretty nervous about the white water rafting part; I had never done it before! It ended up being a blast! Now for some pictures...

This is the train that we rode on for about 3 hours, before being dropped off at the white water rafting site. We sat in an open car, which was great! A nice breeze and pretty views!
We passed this beautiful lake on our way; it was huge! And there were house boats everywhere on it. So pretty! 

David, me, Sarah, and Mike enjoying the ride! 
This is the river that we went white water rafting on. Like I said earlier, I was pretty nervous; Sarah and I both asked to wear helmets, haha. But it ended up being great and we all had a blast. You can go see pictures of us on the raft by clicking this link.

Overall, it was a very fun filled and wonderful day! We ended up getting back home around 9pm! Everyone was very tired, including the kids because they waited up for us! haha 

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