Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Great Moodini hospitalised when stunt goes awry

An Atlanta stuntman is recovering in the hospital after he was badly injured in a stunt that didn't go well during an intermission at Atlanta Motor Speedway’s Thursday Thunder.

Thousands of spectators watched as Michael Anthony Mooney, better known to race fans as “The Great Moodini” failed to get out of shackles before the pace car he was chained to pulled way. He suffered a broken wrist, foot and finger in the accident.

Mooney says he didn’t give himself enough time to complete the Houdini-like stunt, which involves him being chained to a pace car with shackles. The idea is for Mooney to free himself from the chains before the pace car takes off.

LiveLeak link.

Mooney says he had done the stunt successfully twice before. While it usually takes him three to four seconds to get out of the shackles, this time he says, it took longer, and the car sped off with him still attached.

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