Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dog missing for six months found 1,300 miles from home

A dog missing since November is back home with his owners after turning up 1,300 miles away. Buster Brown, a labrador mix, disappeared in November 2010 from his family's front yard in Denver, Colorado.

About six months later, on May 20, he turned up in Salinas, California, and was taken to a local animal shelter. Salinas Animal Services found a microchip implanted under Buster's coat designed to alert his owners if he became lost.

But there was a snag: the phone numbers associated with the microchip didn't work. On May 31, just one day before Buster was scheduled to be handed over to the state of California, his owner, Samantha Squires, received a letter in the mail saying Buster had been found.

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"It's like your child coming home," Ms Squires said. "You think they're gone, but they're not." Buster Brown flew home on Frontier Airlines, which donated the cost of the flight, and was reunited with his family. "I don't know what his life has been for the past seven months," Ms Squires said. "He looks quite a bit older and quite a bit fatter."

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