Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fitting Room Barcelona 5º Edition

Next 14 of July there would be a new edition of Fitting Room, this time at Barcelona, and I'm glad to say that I'll be there!

There would be 30 bloggers that could go to this special edition at the B-Hotel... and I'm so exited about this! there would be designer from Germany, France, Venezuela or Spain; and as I sw some lovely works... well, you can understand why I'm so happy about this!

But maybe you shold have a look by yourself!

The Brandery would be the event partner of Fitting Room, and would give a prize to one of the designers: a big space for showing their work at their winter edition! I think is a great oportunity for all of them! So good luck!
And moreover, more thatn 10 shops around Barcelona will select some of these great artist for their shops. I'm so glad about seeing that there are so many people who wants to give a chance to young designers!

For more information about the event or the participants, please, visit their website:

PS: I just receive some pictures and reviews for my Take The Square (but stay fashionable) project; but I need more! So just click here to know about the porject and join me and some other bloggers! ;)!

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