Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby its hot outside!

As temperatures soar in New York its time to get serious about all things icy. I made ice cream sandwiches last week for a birthday party (choc chip with chocolate Blue Marble ice cream - so tasty!) but they were - erm - all eaten before I could take any snaps. But next on my to-make hit list are...


Made using narrow plastic bags and filled with fruit water mixes (or just plain sweet coconut water: yum!) these are apparently hugely popular in the Philippines (where you can buy "ice candy bags" specifically to make them...can i find the same thing here i wonder?) To get the full how-to visit my favorite tropical food blog

SUPER HEALTHY LOLLIES (these are avocado and cantaloupe!)

MMMm! get one of your five a day and a delicious lolly all in one hit. These are the creation of Mimi and Brian from Brook and Lyn (where you'll find the full recipe). They are planning on experimenting with honey and lavender next.

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