Sunday, January 30, 2011

a moment ago, i told mama

assalamualaikum. hey :)

i have a confession, which is i'm kinda in a bad conditions, mentally. i'll be okay, everyone has their own bad times, ups and downs, dont ya?

i was spending my time, alone, in front of the lappy and suddenly, i went out of bed, straight to my mum's room. and she was half-asleep. i quickly jumped in, over the bed, and sit next right to her.

"sometimes, i wish i could wake up the next day, and be someone else"


"because i am no good... i'm not pretty, i'm not rich, i'm not clever, i am nothing."

to be rich, u need to work hard. to be pretty, u r pretty the way u r. to be clever, u need knowledge.
u r what u think u r. be thankful and keep getting better..


people tend to ask, "why are we here in this world? what am i here for?"

maybe, some things better left unsaid.

maybe, we should aware "who do we LIVE FOR?"

good night everyone. :)

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