Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I couldn't sleep...

Hi everyone.

First of all, I would like to say something: the world is going crazy, and I'm very worried about that. What happened on Norway, UK, Siria... what's happening in my own country... well, all these things have been causing me to not sleep too well at night (besides a cold that has kept me with a fever for three weeks).

Meanwhile, 15M Spain are still struggling trying to change the world, though at times I find it complicated task, but my will to keep fighting no self-conscious at all. That's why I've been so disconected these past few days.

But on sunday I'm flying home for two weeks, and I'll be working hard too there, but beside my family... I miss them so much. 

Anyway, I just wanna show you some random pics from the past few weeks. I've got some more for another entry; I hope you all like them!

Me with my coolhunting certification. Yes, finally, I've got it!
(More here!)
Yummy food! This is from Demasié Café.
 Lolita Bakery

Gummies and ice cream.
 "Waiting for what you imagine escapes what is now"
 27M, the thay that mossos charged against the Square.
 Judit, Fran, Fey & I went to Horta's Labyrinth... what a beautiful place!

 Judit and me at Eros' statue.
 Fran and Fey. Then I took the picture you can see below of Fey at Eros' statue.

 Fran got lost in the maze as eight times. This photo is titled "Humiliation Photo."

 Then, back at Bcn, we had "Tisana de cava"; some kind of sangría made with cava... delicious!
Me with my Mr. Kitty t-shirt at Ladytron's concert.

I hope you really like this pictures :3

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