Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Have we become careless or CARE LESS now...

Story nie baru je happen yesterday. Pity mr hubby sebab kena admit hospital to remove his toenail yang rosak teruk. So after 1day admitted into the ward for the operation at KPJ Specialist @Shah Alam, mr hubby dah boleh keluar. Kesian dia jalan henjut2 sebab masih berbisa lagi kesan pada toenail tu. Bayangkan toe yang memang akan terasa tekanannya biler kite berjalan kan. Bertambah kesian sebab kena check out sendiri sebab time tu aku keje... :(

Then tengahari semalam, after check out, mr hubby berjalan la dengan terhenjut-henjutnya, slow sangat dia jalan nak pergi ke kereta di parking. This is at PARKING LOT yer, yang normally people would put sign like 20kmph, most of us never follow the speed limit, right? That's include me as well, but we never speeding in parking lot, especially in hospital compound. Well, mr hubby wanna cross the parking road to his car, when a lady driver, instead of give way to him to pass first, she just drive thru, almost hitting mr hubby. What's the rush for? Imagine if you are at his place??

It would do great different if you give ways to sick, pregnant lady, elderly, kids when they are crossing the road. I remember having a cute boy rewarding me a wave and a smile of thanks when I gave way to him to cross, and it make me smile a whole day because I have did something good that day.

Come to think, I do admit that some Malaysian drive like mad, and this people are so selfish that they never think of other driver. Having a maniac skill of I-am-the-best-driver-in-town attitude, and exposing others to danger everyday. No wonder you can read about fatal accident on the road, daily in the newspaper.

Just try your best to be courteous, not becoming too coward by driving extra slow in highway or take forever to enter a roundabout or too brave until not caring about other safety. After two times involved in accident and having an awful time having the car stranded in workshop for months, I seriously don't want to experience it again.

Yes, I am in support of courteous driving skill and a better parking skill.

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