Monday, August 15, 2011

Everything's just wonderful (a Lolita's photoshoot)

Remember I told you a couple of months ago that I was helping a girl writting a book about Lolita Fashion here in Spain? Well, we had a great photoshoot and I totally forgot to show you some of the pictures!!

 Eric was amazing!

Mireia Bordonada was the great photographer who took these gorgeous pictures. Eric, Anna, Cristina, Carol & me were there with some other people, and had a very nice time all together!

 Carol, the lovely creator of Kawaii Factory

Mireia took some pictures of us without our heads, 'cause she wants to show that even without our faces, we still have the attitudes dressed as lolitas :)


One of my favourite pictures is this one with Carol, we both had a laugh with the little ponies on the pictures!

I hope you all are haveing a good week! I'm at home right now, that means Algeciras, with my family... I wasn't here since last March, so you can imagine who much I've been missing them!

We'll keep in touch!

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