Thursday, June 30, 2011

DOLLS (Table Decoration)

Things required:
Lettuce leaves
Radish or potato (small)
Pins & toothpicks
For Decoration:
1. Cut a thin slice from the orange to make it stand on a flat surface.
2. Take a round radish, smaller than the orange and fix it on top of the orange with toothpicks.
3. Make a small cylindrical piece for the neck and fix it on radish.
4. For the face use a small round potato or radish (peeled).
5. use cloves for the eyes and make a nose and mouth from the cherry.
6. Fix the lettuce leaves around the radish to make the dress.
7. Cut thin, long strips of carrot and fix them on the lettuce leaves.
8. Make a hat from carrot and decorate it with cherry (half) and tutti-frutti pieces on the brim.
9. Tie a ribbon around the dress to make it decorative.

In this doll I have used fresh corn.
The dress is from the peels and the fibre is used for the hair.
You can add details to the dress with anything ... cut in the desired shapes and secure with toothpicks or bob I have used a tomato.

Sending this to - Create N Carve - Fruit & Veg Event

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